Having a cozy couch in your classroom is a great way to make students feel welcome!
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Shake up your teaching with creativity & fun!

At All That Teacher Sparkle, I create unique Reading Resources for and share amazing teaching ideas with Upper Elementary Reading Teachers who want to get their students excited about learning and have a blast while teaching them!

Don’t spend hours trying to create “WOW!” activities and lessons on your own when I have already done all the hard work for you!  Whether you’re looking for easy-but-meaningful printables, fun digital Reading resources, or a coach who will work with you to implement new teaching ideas that’ll knock your students’ socks off, here is where you’ll find what you need to spark more creativity and joy in your classroom! 

"Fun Teaching" can still be effective! I know because I am...

Kristen Higdon veteran reading teacher dressed up for Read Across America Week
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Uniquely Creative
& Energetic

A 19 year Veteran
Reading Teacher

Knowledgeable in
Brain Based Teaching

We all know that teaching is hard enough on its own...

... but Does it have to be Joyless too?

No, of course not!  But if you’re feeling “the Teaching Blahs” (and we all do sometimes…), add some creative *sparkle* to your teaching!  Turn dull Reading Standards into enjoyable teaching adventures for you and memorable learning experiences for your students!

You no longer need to feel like you’re “stuck teaching”.

Imagine a classroom where...

  • students eagerly participate in learning and actually want to do their work
  • behavior during instruction has improved 
  • students are growing in their reading skills 
  • you walk in each morning excited to teach
 Your classroom can be this way, Teacher Friend!

Here's how I can help...

Teaching Resources

1-1 Teacher Coaching

Professional Development

See what other teachers are saying...

Kristen Higdon waving and welcoming you to All That Teacher Sparkle!

Hey Teacher Friend!
I'm Kristen!

As classroom teachers, we all have our strengths!  I used my natural energy and bubbly personality to teach Reading standards in a fun and different way!  Props and costumes to make lessons memorable?  YES!  Singing & dancing to songs to help students understand concepts?  100%!

I believe so passionately that unconventional methods help students learn better that I want to share my “Type B Teacher” creativity with you!  If you’re looking for ideas and resources that are out-of-the-box and will add some life to your classroom, then you’re in the right place!  A teacher’s creativity grows when it has other teachers to share the excitement with!

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