Ease back into School after Christmas Break

3 Fun Ways to Ease into “Back to School After Christmas Break”

I will be the first to admit that, as much as I love teaching, I dread going back to school after Christmas Break! Especially after enjoying two glorious weeks of sleeping in late… spending extra time with my kids… Did I mention that my house is actually clean and the laundry is caught up? *sheds a single, silent tear*

Well, I do dread it! The night before I go back to school, I’m a bundle of nerves because I know that all that peace and freedom I felt over break is gone and I will be a maniac until May! So, if I’m nervous (and I’m supposed to be the adult here…), I know my students will be too! My students need me to be my best! Soooooo…… Here are 3 fun and easy ways to get back to school after Christmas Break with as little stress as possible!

1. Be Kind and Highly Visible

Kristen Higdon welcoming students on the first day back after Christmas Break.

This first tip is so easy you probably already do it!

Greet every student as soon as they walk in your door. Make eye contact. Smile! Make them feel like a big deal!!

Tell your students how happy you are to see them because you missed them SO much! And mean it!

Nervous students need reassurance, and your warm demeanor will go a long way toward putting those kids at ease!

See? That’s one easy way to get back to school after Christmas Break that takes zero time to prep and will help you feel better at the same time!

2. Save the Tough Stuff for Another Day

There really is no need to immediately jump into difficult work or new concepts on the first day back to school after Christmas Break! I like to start out the day with group discussion and a simple task that allows students to “work” but with super low stakes. No grades here, friends!

Students sitting in a circle sharing about the Christmas Break.

So, we gather together in our cozy meeting spot and I give the best and most powerful motivational speech I can muster (channel your inner Ted Lasso)! I tell my students how amazing they are and that I’m proud of them for their hard work from last semester!

I also let them know that this day is a new beginning with choices ahead of them! They can either continue working hard or make improvements and work harder! I really make it a point to brag on all they have already accomplished and remind students that any “mistakes” or “slips” are in the past! It’s a new year, baby!

We brainstorm ideas on how we can be successful and how our actions have effects- inside the classroom and out! Once the list is made, students are given time to think about what they want to do in order to make the rest of the year as amazing as possible! 

Then, they make paper snow globes! Students relax, chat with friends, and color-cut-glue to make their globes. On the backside of their globes, they write 2 or 3 goals they have to “shake up” the rest of the school year.

Snow globe goals are the perfect activity for  back to school after Christmas Break.

The finished products can be placed somewhere in the classroom or on students’ desks for a cute visual reminder of what they chose to work on!

Grab this resource for FREE from my TPT Store!

There are two 3D versions- one is especially for students who struggle with fine motor skills while the other requires a bit more dexterity with scissors. Students are still working, but the activity is fun and low-stress!

For even more snow globe fun, check out my New Year’s Goals Writing Activity Craft and Bulletin Board Set!

You’ll find an updated version of the snow globe above, plus a fun snow globe writing booklet for students to focus on THE most important goal that they want to work on! In the booklet, they will write about:

Snow Globe Goals after Christmas Break activity

❄️why they made that goal
❄️why it’s important to them
❄️how they plan to achieve it
❄️and draw a picture of themselves succeeding!

There’s even an easy bulletin board set to display your students’ adorable booklets!

Make “back to school after Christmas Break” less stressful by adding Snow Globe Goals to your lesson plans! Check out more information on this sweet Snow Globe resource in my TPT Store!

3. Ease Back to School Nerves with Talking Time

You know that for some kids, the only thing that got them out of bed that morning was knowing they were going to see their friends again! So imagine their joy when you actually give them an “assignment” where they have to talk to their friends! About stuff that’s not school-related!

“Student Interviews” started off with a crazy game I made up on the fly one “back to school” day several years ago! Students had to tell a friend about their Christmas Break, and then the friend had to share that information with the class! It was hilarious and we had the best time getting back into the groove!

Student writing on a Christmas Break Interview page.

To bring other teachers in on the fun, I created some structure to this activity- a worksheet with specific questions for the interview.

Grab your Free Christmas Break Interview page (along with 4 other fun activities in my Christmas Break Mini Survival Pack!) HERE and watch your kids light up while reuniting with their friends.

Do you want to know what my favorite addition to this activity is?

Asking students to draw their partner’s face when asking them if they wanted to come back to school! I can just imagine the hilarious pictures your students will draw! How fun!

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Well, there you have it! 3 simple, easy, low-stress ways (that are totally Teacher Sparkle!) to ease into “Back to School After Christmas Break”! Pin these ideas for later on your favorite Teaching Pinterest Board!

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I hope you have a great first day back! You’ve got this, Teacher Friend!


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